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Cinematic Walk-Through Videos

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Zillow Walk-Through Video

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We at AG Real Estate Media have teamed up with real estate giant Zillow to help agents in creating gorgeous walk-through videos. We can now produce a professional quality walkthrough video with seamless transitions, aerial shots, descriptions, and music.that can be featured on Zillow, along with other hosting such as Youtube.



Benefits of Zillow Video

Zillow is the most popular site used to search for real estate and is what the majority of buyers use to search for their new home. To better their user experience, Zillow has recently develped the ability to add a breif walkthrough video to any listing.

Zillow walkthoughs are short videos that gives buyers a more indepth look into the property. And we at AG Real Estate Media have taken this conpect to the next level. We can now add our professional quality vidoes as your walkthrough video. This not only helps engagement on the site, but has tremendous benefits for the agent and home owner. 

  • Listings with Zillow Video Walkthroughs show up in organic zip code searches as top-ranked houses.  This means listings with videos are displayed in the first and second position.
  • Listings older than 60 or 90 days can be refreshed with a Video Walkthrough and instantly return to competitive rankings.
  • Potential buyers are 300% more likely to view your listing on Zillow.







We at AG Real Estate Media pride ourselves in creating cinematic listing videos for our clients, to help that agent sell faster and win more clients going forward. That is why we utilize professional film making techniques to produce our videos. We use top of the line DSLR cameras that can shoot in 60 frames per second, then we are able to slow the footage down in post to 24 frames per second and give the finished product a nice slow, buttery movement. We use wide angle lens to capture more of the space and make even the tightest spaces seem larger. We keep our footage nice and steady with the use of sliders and glide-cams. Then lastly, we utilize top of the line drones to capture impressive aerial video, to give our videos that cinematic quality.



There are three main styles of video that are utilized in real estate film making

  1. Traditional Walk-Through Videos
  2. Cinematic Listing Videos
  3. Lifestyle Listing Videos


There are certainly several benefits and drawbacks that come with each style of video. That is why we have developed our own style of listing video that combines the best aspects of each style. We want to highlight the property, but also help buyers visualize the possibility of living there.



Cinematic Listing Video (2-4min) - $100.00




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