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Professional Photography

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Did you know that properties that use professional photography sell quicker! Not only that, but they sell for more money. With the overwhelming majority of home buyers online, browsing listing photos. High quality real estate photos have become a crucial part of the home selling process. A great photo gets that homebuyer through the door. That is why we provide the highest quality real estate photos in the industry. So you sell faster, for a higher price, and attract new clients. We use the latest and greatest equipment, along with professional techniques such as: exposure blending and off camera lights, all to give you the very best results.


Complete Satisfaction and the delivery of your photos within 24hrs of your appointment.



We have several different photographic techniques in our repertoire and regularly use many of those techniques, depending on the situation and conditions of the shoot. But one thing is certain: our dedication to providing our clients with the highest quality images possible. The technique that is most prevalent in our daily shoots is the HDR technique. HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range". Just a bit of background... Even the best cameras have trouble picking up the high range of light and color that the human eye can, for example. That is why when you take a photo with the room properly exposed, the windows are often blown out, too bright, and way over exposed. Or if you expose for the brightest thing in the room (usually the window) the room usually ends up under exposed and very dark, making it hard to distinguish features inside. The cameras dynamic range is just too low. That is why we take photos from the same location several times at different exposures, capturing a much higher range. Our goal in doing this, is to get a wide spectrum of shadows and highlights, then merge those photos together in post processing. We generally take anywhere from 3-7 photos from the same location to come up with that one final image and we do that for every picture. The second technique we often utilize is the use of: off camera lights, or what is sometimes referred to as the "Flambient Technique". If we are not getting the results we expect with HDR, we often will break out several off camera lights, that are linked wirelessly to the camera. This gives us much more control, because we can place lights anywhere that is needed.


Our Blue Sky Promise...

We understand that real estate moves extremely fast and that you as agents need your listing photos as quickly as possible. That leaves us as real estate photographers almost never having the luxury of waiting for the perfect weather conditions. But we enjoy the challenge. If the day of your appointment ends up being on an overcast day, there is nothing to worry about. We have the techniques to replace that overcast sky with a beautiful blue sky, to make your exterior listing photos really stand out. We know that the front exterior shot is almost always the first photo buyers will see and is arguably the most important shot. So we promise any exterior shot will have that gorgeous sky.



30 Images: $79.00




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