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Twilight Photography

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Twilight photos have been a growing trend in real estate and for good reason, they are a great way to make your listing really stand out. They are usually exterior photos of a property, taken at dusk. And is an excellent way to showcase the: landscape, the lighting, and of course the overall property against a beautiful sunset. Twilight photos can make any property stand out and look amazing. It’s a great way to grab the attention of potential buyers, impress your clients, and make your listing truly memorable.





Twilight photography is a fairly simple process, but does take some practice to master. We start by arriving at the property about half hour before the sun sets to set up, scout the location, and frame up a few shots. We usually like to begin shooting at about 10 minutes after the sun sets, we have found that gives us the best results. We will shoot the same shot at several different exposures, trying to find the right balance and lighting combination. We then brake out the the wireless triggers and speed lights. We use these to add various flash pop to different portions of the property, usually accenting different features of the landscape and home. We usually end up with about 50 shots for every 1 final photo. Then the rest of the magic happens in post processing. During the editing phase we blend the different exposures together and subtly paint in some light from our flash shots. Then finally we replace the sky with that quintessential twilight sky and end up with a gorgeous photo of the property at twilight, that is sure to make an impression.





Perhaps you have felt in the past that this service is out of your price range or perhaps you have felt that you have never had the right listing to make this effect work. Well good news. We offer this service at extremely competive rates and can make this effect work on any property, regardless of size, location, and lighting. So schedule your Twilight Shoot Today.




1 Image: $79.00

3 Images: $100.00




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