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10 Ways Aerial Photography Can Help You Sell Faster

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We compiled a list of the top ways aerial drone photos can benefit your real estate listing and help grow your business.

Aerial photography has been utilized in real estate for several years now, its quickly becoming one of the more popular tools to help market a property and help it stand out from the competition. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of buyers start the home buying process online, mainly viewing listing photos. We all know the old saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words". The photos they see have really become the properties first showing and in real estate first impressions are crucial. One of the best ways to gain lots of attention is with aerial photography. During the home buying process, potential buyers have probably viewed hundreds, maybe thousands of the same traditional front exterior photo and they often start blending all together. Aerial photography can give buyers that unique view and really help that property become memorable.

The numbers really don't lie... properties with aerial photos sold 68% faster than homes with traditional images. And over 80% of home sellers prefer to work with agents who take advantage of drone photography. From our experience, its definitely the case here in the Cincinnati, OH market.

Top 10 Ways Aerial Photography Can Help you Sell your Listing Faster...

1) Aerial photos can give potential buyers a truly unique view of the property, helping it really stand out from the competition.

2) They can really highlight special selling features such as pools, lakes, walking trails, and impressive yards

3) Aerial photos allow buyers to better see the surrounding area, proximity to amenities, and neighborhood.

4) Properties with acreage can really benefit because they show off the land in it's entirety

5) Gives the property a much higher cinematic quality, giving agents great material to use in marketing and on social media posts.

6) Aerial photos can help show off hard to access areas such as the roof

7) It's a proven fact that properties with professional quality photos can help sell the property 32% faster and for a higher amount

8) Drone photography is a fraction of the cost of aerial photos taken by plane or helicopter. Drones are also able to fly much lower, allowing for more details of the property to be captured.

9) Its the best way to showcase a property with a unique or scenic view.

10) The use of drones show potential clients that you're willing to go above and beyond the average agent. That you're willing to adopt the latest technology and do whatever it takes to sell the property.


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