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Twilight Photography

Twilight photography is one of the best ways to highlight a properties features and help it stand out from the competition. Twilight photos are exterior images taken at dusk that showcases the properties lighting, landscaping, as well as the property against a gorgeous sunset. Twilight photos are also a great way to highlight features such as pool and deck/patio lighting, landscape lighting, as well as a fire pit. There is common misconception that twilight photography is reserved just for luxury real estate. The truth is; the majority of homes can benefit from a twilight shoot. The warm glow of the lights, vibrant colors, subtle shadows, and stunning sky, all combine to create a visually appealing  image. Twilight can help your listing attract a lot of attention to help you sell faster  for a higher price. 

Twilight Photography (3-5 images)


Virtual Twilight 

Virtual Twilight is a popular add-on service we offer. It's basically taking a normal daytime exterior and turning it into a vibrant twilight image with the help of editing techniques. It's a great and very convenient option because you don't have schedule a special appt just for a twilight shot. This service can be added to any of our individual photo services or packages. (For best and most natural results, its best to be done on an overcast day).

Virtual Twilight (add-on)



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