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Mason, OH - Living Room



Did you know professional quality photos can help you sell 32% faster. When it comes to marketing a home for sale, the photography is extremely important and can have a significant impact upon the sale price and the time on market. And we at AGRE Media offer the highest quality images in the industry. So you sell faster and win more listings. We use the latest and greatest equipment and professional techniques, such as: exposure blending and off camera lights, to give you the very best professional results. We guarantee satisfaction and delivery of the photos within 24 -48 hours. We have a number of plans to suit any listing.

HDR Photography

30 Image Package  - $150

Premium Interiors (Flash)

30 Image Package (off  Camera flash, hand blended - $200 - $250

Both Packages include Virtual Tour and/or Aerials

Blue Sky Guarantee 

We all know that the weather doesn't always cooperate and in real estate, you can't always wait for the perfect sunny day. And that is why we introduced the "Blue Sky Guarantee". We can assure, no matter the current weather conditions, that your exterior photos will have a vibrant blue sky. Most photographers and media companies offer this as an add-on for an additional cost, we at AG Media offer this service free, included in the cost of any of our photo packages along with green grass.

Mason, OH - Front Exterior

Declutter and Basic Staging

We can use top of the line AI and photoshop techniques to both declutter and add basic decor in basically any space. 

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