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Benefits of Zillow 3D Home

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We’ve compiled a list of how 3D Home and Virtual tours in general can take your marketing to the next level and help grow your business.

What is Zillow 3D Home

Zillow 3D Home is a virtual tour service, it allows viewers to virtually walk from room to room, panning in 360 degrees through the property. Giving potential buyers an in depth view of the properties features and layout. It has the same feel and many of the same features of the popular Matterport tours, but offered at a fraction of the price of Matterport. We at AG Real Estate Media provide a professional version of this, for real estate professionals and homeowners to use in their marketing in the Greater Cincinnati, OH and Dayton, OH area.

Benefits for your Business

  • Allows viewers to see an in depth look into the properties Layout and selling features, that arent always apparent in the still photos.

  • Special branding on Zillow. Giving you a tag that identifies that a 3D tour is attached. This really helps the listing stand out and usually doubles the amount of clicks and views the property receives.

  • Your Zillow 3D Home tour will appear on Zillow and Trulia. Your also provided a link to post on your social media, any website, or connect to MLS.

  • Unlike in video, these tours are self-guided and totally interactive. So viewers can take their time, viewing the features that interest them. Keeps viewers engaged 300% higher compared to still photos alone.

  • Like holding an "Open House" 24/7.

  • Best of all... You get the "Zillow Boost". The listing will get preferred listing status and show up on the first page of zillow for the first week in the zip code it resides in.


We at AG Real Estate are excited to start offering this service to our clients. We are pairing this with are premium still photos, all for just $125.00. In this package, you get all the media you need to market any property successfully. If you'd like more info, feel free to call or text at 513-488-3372

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