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Grow your Business with Professional Real Estate Photography

I think by now we all know the majority of home buyers start the process online, mainly browsing listing photos. The photos they see play a huge role on both price and days on market. The media has really become the properties first showing and in real estate, like life, first impressions are everything. Like the popular phrase states: "you never get a second chance at a first impression". That is were professional real estate photography comes into the play. As professional photographers, we're able to create stunning images that truly captivates the viewer and showcases the property in it's best light. According to a study done by the National Association of Realtors, it can help sell a property 32% faster, compared to properties with poor images.

Professional Photography makes a crucial first impression

As an agent or homeowner, you have to ask yourself an important question; how do you want your listing represented online. Think about the last time you landed on an outdated website or stumbled on crappy listing photos. What kind of message does that send to potential buyers? Professional quality images do send that right message and get people excited about the property.

Todays buyers and sellers are more educated

In todays online world, consumers are more savvy and educated on the process of real estate than ever. Both buyers and sellers know many of the insights that goes into selling a home. And professional photography has quickly become a crucial part of that process. Many of come to expect it. Home sellers know if they don't have strong, appealing images, they can easily miss out on the sale to a home down the street with more attractive photos.

Your Listing will get lots of attention

Potential buyers and viewers in general are enamored by eye catching images. They are much more likely to post and share your listing when the photos are professional quality. Your listing will get many more views by both potential buyers and other agents. And it's proven that agents show properties with better photos more often. With your listing getting more views both in person and online, no wonder it's sells faster.

We at AG Real Estate Media are pleased to offer the highest quality images in the industry to agents all over the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area.

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